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Our Programme

WORKSHOPS recommence 18th September 2021

Our workshops places are open to MAS members and are only guaranteed if paid for in advance.  Refunds will be given with a minimum of one weeks notice of cancellatiion or in the case of illness. Our Saturday All day Workshops are held at All Saints Church Hall, Smedley Street, Matlock DE4 3JG from 10am to 4.00pm.

September 18thLESLEY LINLEY: Watercolour Demonstration of Painting a Waterfall 10.00am – 12.00noon, followed by the ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING. Lesley is a painter, tutor, demonstrator, and author of 'Ready to Paint in 30 Minutes: Mountain Scenes in Watercolour'. She paints in transparent watercolour, avoiding body colour and masking fluid, often using numerous glazes. http://www.lesleylinley.co.uk


October 9th - RESIDENT’S SOCIAL EVENING/PRIZE GIVING: Fancy dress 7.00pm to 9.30pm. Please bring your own supper, drink and utensils (no sharing this year - we are following Covid guidelines). All Saints Church Hall, Matlock. 

October 16th - SUE LEWIS-BLAKE: Interiors in Watercolour/Mixed Media Workshop. Sue, a highly experienced artist and teacher, explores a particular theme through a variety of media, techniques and compositions, where drawing is a vital part of her work. http://www.lewis-blake.co.uk


November 20th - MARK WARNER: Seascapes in Acrylics Workshop. Mark grew up on the Welsh coastline, which has had a great impact on his painting style. Sketching is integral to his work's development, often forming part of the painting itself. His distinctive use of line and colour has aided his sweeping use of perspective and atmosphere. https://www.brushmark.co.uk


December 11th CHRISTMAS LUNCH AND RAFFLE: To be held at The Gate, Tansley. Cost £23. Please book your place with Marilyn Micallef micallefamarilyn6@gmail.com

January 15th - PAM SMART: 'Mark Making in Drawing' Workshop. Pam, a specialist teacher of Art and Design, takes inspiration from the natural and built environment, painting in striking colours. She will lead us in expanding our creative toolbox with an exciting range of drawing techniques. https://www.pamsmart.co.uk


February 19th - RICHARD KITSON: Portrait in Mixed Media Workshop. Richard is primarily known for his portraiture and figurative works, which mostly depict family members and friends. Richard’s work is underpinned by a training in academic and life drawing. He is inspired by artists such as Rembrandt van Rijn, Lucian Freud, Euan Uglow and David Hockney. https://www.richardkitson.co.uk


March 19th - KATE WRIGGLESWORTH: Gardens in Mixed Media Workshop. A freelance artist, designer and dancer, Kate uses a variety of mediums from paint, textiles, collage, to three-dimensional sculptures. Her love of dance and theatre design influences her approach to painting, and she expresses emotion and creates atmosphere through colour and composition. https://www.katewrigglesworth.co.uk


April 23rd - CATHERINE INGLIS: Animal Portraits in Pastel Workshop, including demonstrating a Cheetah head. Catherine, a member of the Society of Women Artists, works predominantly in soft pastels. Whilst her work covers a wide variety of subjects, including being well known for wildlife paintings, Catherine specialises in pet and family portraiture. Her favourite subject is animals. https://www.cathinglis.com


May 21st - LIN CHEUNG: ‘Introduction to Abstract Art’ Mixed Media Workshop. Lin, an experienced teacher and artist, considers key ideas, and explores mark making and composition, before creating her abstract paintings using mixed media techniques. The workshop is for those interested in exploring abstraction in their work or who wish to loosen up and be more expressive in their painting. https://linc-art.com


June 18th - KELLY HERRICK: Landscape Painting in Oils Workshop. Kelly, a contemporary landscape artist, is inspired by the beauty and power of nature. She uses light, bold brushstrokes, splurges of juicy colour and intriguing scribbles in her paintings to build a connection with nature that helps us cherish our awe-inspiring world. https://www.kellyherrick.com


July 16th - MEMBER LED WORKSHOP: Choose one morning and one afternoon session with a choice of topics, each using different media (watercolour/ mixed media/ pastels/ printing). Morning session 10.00am – 12.00noon; afternoon session 1.00pm – 3.00pm; concluding session with paintings on display 3.00pm – 4.00pm. An exciting, exploratory day ahead.


Annual Membership Subscription: £25


Wednesday Morning Portrait Group: 1st Wednesday morning of each month starting in September 2021: 9.30am to 12.00noon - £5


Mutual Help Group (open to all) is held at Starkholmes Village Hall, 105 Starkholmes Road, Matlock DE4 3DE on 2nd and *4th Friday mornings excluding December 24th: 9.30am to 12.00noon - £3 and *4th Fridays Life Drawing Sessions - £10



Chairperson: Linda Orchard 01629 823561              

Membership Secretary: Chrissy Holt 01629 650438                                                   

or email committee members at matlockartists19@gmail.com


PLEIN AIR EVENTS please see news page

Outdoor sessions mean we can get together while our creative juices flow.  Plein air is open to non members please contact either Linda or Marilyn on the email addresses below.

If you wish to take part please contact Linda Orchard - lind22@btinternet.com or Marilyn Micallef - micallefmarilyn6@gmail.c0m

Emails will be sent to members but notice may be short depending on the weather forecasts.

Plein air sessions are continuing weekly weather permitting.  Updates of sessions are on the blog and news pages.