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Welcome to
Matlock Artists Society

Our new 2021/2022 event programme is now available on our programme page.

There are few artistic challenges that members of Matlock Artists Society haven't tackled over the last 30 years. But our annual programme of activities and workshops shows just how keen we are to develop and hone our skills or to learn new and unusual techniques.

Set up in 1989, the group - originally known as the Tawney House Artists Society - was just 13-strong. Now our membership has swelled to 68 with a sizeable list of local artists waiting to join.

We changed our name when we moved from our original premises in the library room at Tawney House to our current location in Matlock All Saints Church Hall.

From the beginning, we have held monthly workshops so members can learn from the skills of visiting artists. One of the very first to share her story was renowned Matlock wildlife artist, the late Pollyanna Pickering.

Over the years our workshops have covered a range of themes from painting costume art, still life arrangements, plein-air landscapes to street scenes, boats and harbours. And our members have benefitted from artists demonstrating their expertise in watercolour, acrylic, oils, pastels and ink.

In addition, the Society runs two regular groups. The Portrait Group has been meeting monthly since March 2005 and has created likenesses of more than 200 models. More recently, the Society set up its Mutual Help Group meeting twice a month for artists to work on their own paintings, seek advice and share experience. Both groups are open to non-members.  

An important feature in our annual calendar is our Summer Art Exhibition where we showcase the work of members and award prizes for the best pictures including a "public's choice" award.

Our exhibition - at The Gothic Warehouse, Cromford Wharf, Cromford has been cancelled for this year. We hope to be up and running next year though!

Current Chair of the Group Linda Orchard commented: "The Society has never been busier and continues to go from strength to strength.

We have a full programme of events and opportunities for members and local artists to develop their skills, share their experience and enjoy creating together."

Matlock Artists Society President: Carol Hill

Matlock Artist Society Chair: Linda Orchard -

Matlock Artist Society Membership Secretary: Chris Holt -


At the end of August the MAS committee decides how many new members can be invited to join the society. Our total membership is 68. The number we invite is based on:

  • How many existing members wish to renew their membership

  • How many members have left during the year

  • How many existing members are non active and rarely attend workshops.

We would like to be able to invite all those on the waiting list to be members. Unfortunately, we have practical considerations such as space on our workshops and the number of attendees the workshop leaders are willing to accommodate.

The artists selected for new membership are taken from our waiting list - normally in strict order of the date of their application. If we have made a mistake in previous years and an artist has been overlooked, we will move them to the top of the waiting list.   

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