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Updated: Apr 10, 2021

Alan Fletcher has been busy painting during the lockdown and has sent in some beautiful artwork for us to have a look at. This one is called 'Our Janets'. I love the muted background which shows off the plants beautifully.

Here are three more works, all beautiful. The first image is a rhinocerus, gosh he does have some character and has been named 'Smiler'. The next image is a lovely summer view over water, giving us something to look forward to over the next few months. The last image is a reminder of the very cold weather we had a couple of weeks ago, very cold but beautiful to look at, walk in and paint; called 'minus 13'. I do hope you enjoy catching up with the members artwork.

Alan is working on this elephant, named 'Big Fella', we will be seeing updates over the next couple of weeks as Alan progresses with his artwork.


Linda has been working on this beautiful piece of a view from where she lives: Bonsall looking towards Slaley. I recognise this as I am a Bonsall resident. I love the way it is framed in foliage and gives a lovely view of the houses in the village.

Here we have a painting worked on up to christmas from David Bailey, how lovely is this. I love how the birds have been captured ad the smattering of snow, just in line to the snow we are having at the moment.


This is a painting that one of our members has been working on: Shirley Oates. I just love those brush strokes; I am also getting the smell of the fresh air by the sea.

Lets look forward to posts from our Matlock Artists Society members about what they are painting/ drawing and working on.... can't wait to see what everyone is keeping busy with...

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